Peanut butter Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Protein Cookie

I am very excited about my new Handmade Gluten Free cookie, they are selling out fast each week.  I have been making my GF Cookies since June 2010 selling them at the farmers markets. They came into being because of all my celiac friends. Now they are available at the Great Basin Co-op, Reno, NV (they go through 144 count a week), the Hub Coffee House, Reno, NV, Comma Coffee, Carson City, NV or you can order a batch sent to you.  They come in four flavors Plain Peanut Butter, Peanut butter Semi Sweet Chocolate Chip, Thai (contains of course peanut butter, crystallized ginger, lemongrass) and my newest Spicy Thai (Thai chili is added) each cookie has a least 16 grams of protein.  The pasteurized cream is rbst free, local organically fed free range chicken eggs, organic cane juice, real organic vanilla, sea salt and a whole lot of love.  Everyone that eats one says “WOW  I can’t believe there is no wheat!”.  I can wholesale or retail plain wrapped or gift wrapped with a special note.  Just give me a call or e-mail.

Organic Vegetable Garden

I am excited to announce that farmers Steve & Marcia  of (more…)