Organic Vegetable Garden

I am excited to announce that farmers Steve & Marcia  of Churchill Butte organics (owners of  the only solar organic farm in the state of Nevada) have agreed to teach  a hands-on class comprised of  four weekly, one day a week,  two hours each workshop, we will create two 4′ X 10′ garden plots from the ground up; plant and learn how to maintain the garden and then enjoy a harvest.  A person will learn how to do a 30 day compost, starting cool season crops; double digging and soil building; planting crops and mulching, watering systems; seasonal vegetables, and fertilizing, weeding, thinning, and harvesting. 

Learn what is known as “organic urban agriculture” and “French intensive gardening”.  Get the maximum yield out of the smallest amount of space, build the soil, eliminate the many costs of transportation.  Feed yourself  and your family great organic food.  All for only $100.00.   Nourish the earth and your body.   Eat to live not to diet!  Call for information and registration 775/849-2333  Will begin Saturday’s  March 21 or Monday’s March 23.

Hosted by Chef Michelle Palmer of Absolutely Michelle’s Artisan Eats.

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